Work Life Balance

I’ve been working on and off yachts as a chef for 7.5 years now and I thought it only apt that I talk about work/life balance. Most people deem this a difficult task to master. My feeling is different.

I am not referring to 9-5 jobs. Working on yachts can be 12-18 hour days for months at a time. With very little personal space, and very little time for one’s own interests. As far as my experience goes, a lot of the time while working on yachts full time I was unhappy. I was unhappy because, I am someone that likes my alone time. I am someone that also likes to be a little social, and I am someone that likes to explore my holistic, spiritual side. I found it very hard when working full time on yachts to maintain a balance between these things. And because I wasn’t fulfilling these needs, I became unhappy.

I started to look into what I exactly wanted to achieve. And outline what I enjoyed doing. I started thinking that I hated being a chef, but that was not true. After taking a few months sabbatical and studying some other things, especially going more into my holistic side, I found my happiness. I also went back to chef school to fine-tune my skills.

Today, I am a self employed private holistic chef/life coach and yoga teacher. I have followed all my passions and pursued a career I love. I still freelance on yachts occasionally but I identified where my happiness lies. My work life balance is being fulfilled because I put time into manifesting my goals, looking after myself and my body and then working in positions I enjoy. My energy is spread over a myriad of things and I am able to put more life energy into all aspects of my work, as it is balanced between my other passions.

I wanted to share this with everyone as I see too many people stretching themselves too thin, and suffering from burn out and depression. We live in a fast paced world and it’s easy to get caught up doing something you don’t enjoy because it supports the lifestyle you want to live. If you have got to this point, I think you need to ask yourself the question “what is more important to you?” You can still be a success if you manage your time better, and make yourself the main goal. Put your needs first, why do you want to treat yourself badly? You only have this one chance at this life, treat yourself kindly. People are often so worried about making their boss or employer happy, but they forget about making themselves happy.

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